Sunday, May 2, 2010

On-Stage Stands Tall Alto/Tenor Sax Stand Review

Recently, I was sent a saxophone stand to review on my site. Did I think the list price of $50.99 was too much or just right? Read on to find out.

First Impressions: I found this stand to be very durable and easy to set up. The tripod base has rubber plugs on the end of the legs to provide traction and prevent scratching your floors. The base can be separated from the actual part that holds the sax in order to be stored easily. When I first opened up the stand, I found it very easy. All you have to do is loosen the lower knob, open up the tripod to however wide you want it, tighten it to hold the legs in place, put the detachable part that holds the bell on top, tighten the smaller knob, and adjust the height using the larger knob near the smaller one. This stand can be adjusted from three feet to four feet, so it is suitable for the performer who sits or stands. I really liked the height range on this stand as it provides a tall stand that can still be used when sitting down. I found that after adjusting it to it's full height, my saxophone was actually at eye level with me! I also really liked how the stand could be used for either alto sax or tenor.

Cost: $50.99 list price

Design: The thick tripod base provides a sturdy support even at the full height of 48". This stand is also light considering it's size (5.25 lbs). The base can be adjusted to up to 22" wide. Also, the yoke that holds the sax by the bell is padded with foam to protect your sax from scratches. It also features a second support yoke that can be moved between two holes to accommodate the shape of an alto or tenor sax. Overall, the design is great.

  • durable
  • won't fall over
  • can be easily converted from a stand for sitting to a stand for standing
  • makes it so you do not have to bend over for your saxophone
  • lightweight
  • easy to set up/take apart
  • worth every penny
  • has a range height of 36"-48"
  • high quality, won't fall apart
  • holds alto or tenor
  • not suitable for those looking for a in-bell stand because of size
Rating: 5/5 stars
This is the best stand I have seen on the market. It is cheap and works well. It can be easily adjusted so that you can use while sitting or standing. The maximum height is great and eliminates the need to bend down when reaching for your sax. This product also provides a safe spot to put your sax. Overall, this is a great product and should be used by performing musicians everywhere.

full size with my sax

full size without saxophone

close-up of yoke

The stand has two holes to move the adjustable lower support yoke

Upper part of stand comes off


Lower part of stand

Stand at short height
the tripod closed


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