Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CenterPitch 10 mini Tuner/Metronome Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating in a while, I just finished band camp (and had a blast), so I haven't updated my site in a while. Anyways, On Board Research (the creators of the CenterPitch metronome/tuners and the Beatnik) sent me the newest metronome/tuner in the CenterPitch series, the CP 10 mini! Read the review below to see if this metronome/tuner combo is for you!

First Impressions: This tuner/metronome is way more compact than my Korg TM-40. The CP 10 mini offers an easier way to quickly tune. It simplifies the screen so that a beginner could tune fast. The six arrows to the left and right easily show you if you are sharp or flat, and the screen changes from red to green when you are in tune. Also, I found that volume level for the metronome was much louder than my TM-40, although the fact that you cannot adjust the volume level nor mute makes it unusable for those who want a silent metronome to keep on their stand while performing.

Design: The CP 10 mini features a clip that can be adjusted with a pivoting arm so that you can adjust the position for optimal comfort and ease of viewing. The clip also features a soft cushioning to prevent scratching your instrument. This tuner/metronome easily clips onto your bell or neck of the saxophone. This tuner also has a Hz range of 410-450, so you can tune any instrument within that range. The best part about this tuner in my opionion? It transposes! Sure, you can leave in on C and read concert pitches, but you can also put in on Eb and read the note you are actually playing!

Cost: $39.95

  • Compact
  • It transposes!
  • Can easily be adjusted to any angle
  • Cushioning on the clip
  • Nice, loud metronome
  • Tuner is easy to read (red= out of tune, green= in tune)
  • Features an auto-off feature to help save battery
  • The metronome features 8 different rhythm patterns and a bpm of 30-250
  • For those who want absolute accuracy, the tuner can not be read by how many cents off you are
  • The metronome can't be muted

Rating: 4/5 stars
For the amateur musician and weekend warrior wanting to be in tune, this is a great product to quickly tune and even keep the beat; however, if you want to know how many cents sharp/flat you are or want to keep beat with out the beep, this isn't for you.

The CP10 mini in it's package
Side view of tuner clipped on neck of saxophone
The screen can easily be adjusted to easily be seen with the pivoting arm
Notice something in the lower left hand corner? Yes! This tuner transposes!
When you're in tune, the screen turns green...

And when the screen is red, you are out of tune (in this case, I was flat)
The clip has a nice foam cushioning so that it won't scratch your instrument
Diagram showing what the arrows mean


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  1. I enjoyed the review - I've seen similar clip-on tuners, but none that are so saxophone friendly. Looks like a decent product for somebody who doesn't need a lot of extra functions. Thanks for the review!