Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forestone 2nd Generation Synthetic Reed Review

Forestone Reeds is a great synthetic reed company that combines the traditional cane with a more modern synthetic. If you have read my previous review on the original Forestone Reeds, you would have seen that these are great pro-quality synthetic reeds. Well Forestone has come out with the 2nd generation of their amazing synthetics. Check out this updated review to see what has been improved.

First Impressions: In Forestone's first generation reed, the strength was harder than listed. This problem was fixed in their new version. I immediately noticed this when I tried their 2 1/2 strength reed and found it as hard as a 2 1/2 Vandoren Traditional. This is a great improvement as it better matches up with other strength reeds.

Cost: $24.95/reed

  • Easily outlast your existing cane reeds
  • Produce the sound of a cane reed
  • These reeds are very free-blowing and make me feel like I'm playing a cane with the durability of a synthetic
  • Overall, these reeds will pay for themselves with the amount of time they last
  • Seems less buzzy than a Legere
  • May take a while to get used to since it is synthetic

Rating: 5/5 stars
This product is the same great product as the original one with a better strength numbering system. It is less buzzy than other synthetics and lasts the same amount of time if not longer. If you want a great reed for a great price, check out the Forestone reeds.

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  1. Hi! Woah first comment but is this brand of reeds any good for alto saxophones? I'm trying to find the best synthetic reed that doesn't make a lot of buzzing. I've heard of the Harry Hartman carbon fiber reeds are very good but never tried them.