Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer Reviewed

Hey guys! Sorry for the long hiatus; I have been very busy preparing for college and playing saxophone. When I purchased my iPad 2 back in March, I searched the App Store for great music-related apps that would help me with my saxophone playing. One app that caught my eye was the Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer. I wrote about this about previously, but I have decided to give an in-depth review of this great app. *DISCLAIMER* I used my own money to purchase this app, so this entire review is my own opinion.
The Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer costs $2.99 and is available for all iDevices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). I am usually really stingy in the App Store, so I was hesitant on dropping $3 for an app. The app features a built in metronome, over 200 exercises, and nine difficulty levels. For the more advanced users, there is an ear training mode where users must write out the rhythm after listening to it.

The setup of the app is very simple. Users are presented with a rhythm. Tapping the metronome starts the beat. When the metronome starts, users then proceed to tap the button to the rhythm. For beginners, the app offers the ability to enable downbeat marks. Users can also enable/disable a flashing light if they need some assistance.

I really liked how the app provided instant feedback after completing an exercise. A green dot under the note indicated tapping it on time, blue means the user was slow, and red means the user was too fast.

This app is perfect for any person who wants to practice sight reading. I found it really helpful and am glad that Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer had exercises ranging from the absolute beginner to advanced.

Overall, I really recommend this app. I think that it is very useful and worth the $2.99 price. If you want some rhythm reading practice, check out Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer here.

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