Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marca Superieuer Reeds Review

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing great! I know that as I type this, it is currently snowing in my part of the US! Talk about crazy weather! It looks like spring might not be right around the corner for us. Marca Reeds sent me a box of ten reeds to review on here. Were they amazing or horrible??? Read on to find out!

First Impressions: Marca Reeds seems to have an imitation Vandoren reed called the Marca Superieuer. According to the site:

The Marca Supérieure reed contributed to re-elected our company, this model maintains a sound very balanced, neither too dark nor too clear, it is a resistant reed which currently is sold to more than one million specimen per annum. Its elegant presentation, out of black box is very appreciated by the musicians.Professionals and students will find a balance thanks to a consistency and a distribution of the wood, which gives to the Marca Supéreure reeds a superb tonality.
When I tested these reeds, I found that they played ok, and didn't sound amazing. Being cheaper than Vandorens, I didn't expect anything more, so for the price, they are worth it.

Cost: $20.99

  • Cheaper than Vandorens
  • Easy playability

  • little quality control (many of the reed's cuts were uneven)

Rating: 3/5 stars
These reeds are cheap and are great if you need a backup reed. I would recommend these for beginners who aren't sure if they are serious.
they sent me 12 reeds

back of the reed

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