Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clark Fobes Debut Mouthpiece Review

Clark Fobes agreed to send me a free Debut mouthpiece to review. Read on to find out what I think; plus, band directors and private lesson teachers, visit his site to find out how you can get one for free too!

First Impressions: Upon first trying out this mouthpiece, I found it very easy to produce tones, unlike my beginner mouthpiece. At around the same price, I would have opted to use this mouthpiece if my music store sold these. Great for beginners and intermediates (some clarinet and saxophone players at my high school still use these), this mouthpiece is very solid for learning how to play.

Cost: $44- Alto, $47- Tenor, $39.50- Clarinet, $65- Bass Clarinet

Design: All Fobes mouthpieces are hand finished and tested to insure that the best tone and quality are produced with each mouthpiece.


  • At $44 for an alto sax one and $39.50 for a clarinet mouthpiece, this mouthpiece is very affordable
  • It plays very smoothly and will be great for beginners
  • Tone production is easy on this mouthpiece, making it ideal for beginners


  • Only sold at select retailers

Rating: 5/5 stars

I loved this mouthpiece! It is so easy to play and has a nice sound. I wished I had purchased this mouthpiece as a beginner instead of a no name $40 one which was so much lower compared to this. Clark Fobes knows how to make mouthpieces and definitely displays this through his Debut mouthpiece. And don't forget, if you are a private lessons teacher or band director, contact Mr. Fobes through his website for info on how to get a free Debut mouthpiece!

 The alto sax version of this mouthpiece

inside view of mouthpiece

back of piece

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