Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mouthpiece Case Review

Recently, a guy named Sonny sent me a mouthpiece case to review. He does not mass-produce these cases but instead hand makes each one. Read this post to find out what I think about his mouthpiece cases:

First Impressions: When I first received this case, I noticed the toughness of it. The outer casing is like the plastic cases you get power tools in (think power drills) and is very sturdy. The way it closes is also very interesting. Instead of having latches that could easily break off after repeatedly opening and closing the case, it has two things that slide to the side with holes in the middle for putting a padlock in. So if you have an expensive gold-plated piece, it will be safe (as long as you always have the case with you). This  innovative way of locking the case is definitely a plus.

Design: The black case measures 6"x1"x3.5'. The inside is padded with foam and has specially cut slots for your mouthpieces and an extra slot for accessories such as ligatures or reeds. Considering the size, I was surprised it only held four mouthpieces. It would have been nice if the top part of the case had some slots cut in it to hold some more pieces as I found the mouthpieces fit snugly and would not fall if they were in the top part of the lid. Each mouthpiece fit very nicely in it's designated slot and I had plenty of room in the accessory slot to hold all of my "stuff." Other than the fact it only holds four pieces, this case is well designed.

Cost: $20 per case plus $5 for shipping...As this guy is an independent seller, he does not have a website. Payment is through PayPal. Just send the money to him at canboys2001@yahoo.com. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to email him.

  • great protection for your mouthpieces
  • keeps mouthpieces organized
  • has an extra slot for ligatures, reeds and other accessories
  • is very sturdy
  • It features sliding latches that can have a padlock put on them

  • Considering it's size and bulkiness, only holding four mouthpieces seems like a downside
  • It would be nice if it fit in the side pocket of my sax case   
Rating: 4/5 stars
This case gets down to the basics without the bells and whistles in order to protect your mouthpieces. It may only hold a few mouthpieces, but cushions each one in a cradle of love. :) If you want a great mouthpiece case that won't break the bank, check out these cases from Sonny. 

full view of case

One of the sliding latches

Front View

Side View


Close-up of mouthpieces in slots


  1. Hi! What are those wooden rings in your case and how can I get one? It looks like a ligature that I have seen before. You can reach me at jjones1@vt.edu. Thanks!!

  2. there is any one whith more space for more mouthpieces?
    i have 15 mouthpiece and i need to know if there is another with more compartmens!!! thanks

    1. hey you can send me your answer thrue my email....
      evolah06@gmail.com thanks