Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BA Sling Review

First Impressions: Many saxophonists play for prolonged hours because of concerts, gigs or just practicing. I know that even after an hour of playing or marching, I get a stiff neck. Most people would say that you should use a harness, but they are constricting and can look silly with an alto. Well this long time problem has now been solved by the BA Sling, the harness-neckstrap-all-in-one!

Design: The BA Sling is a half harness half neckstrap hybrid. It can be worn on the left or right side and helps to distribute the weight of the saxophone better (according to the site, it feels like up to a 40% weight reduction). This puts less strain on your neck and makes it much easier to play for a long time. The way it is designed makes it a bit complicated at first to put on but after trying a few times, I can put it on almost as fast as a normal neckstrap. I found the instructions somewhat confusing, so I put together an instructional video that can be viewed below. The sling is made out of soft and comfortable material too. Also, the BA Sling is made to be adjusted for any sized person, so a child and adult could use the same product.

Cost: €18.50 (about $25.70)

  • no more stiff necks
  • saxophone feels lighter
  • can play for longer time without being uncomfortable
  • Confusing at first to put on (see instructional video I made below)
Rating: 5/5 stars
This sling will let you rock out for much longer with the freedom of a neckstrap and the weight distribution of a harness. It is easy to put on (after trying a few times) and is fast too. If you are sick of neck pains from playing with an uncomfortable neckstrap, look into buying a BA Sling!

Here is the flyer:

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