Wednesday, June 23, 2010

*CLOSED* Contest Time!

Recently, I reviewed Forestone Reeds (if you haven't read the review, you can read it here). The nice people at Forestone have agreed to give me one of their professional-quality reeds to give away for FREE! That's right, you can get a $25 reed for free! How cool is that? If you are the lucky person chosen to get a free reed, you can choose any of their strengths (they range from F2-F5), and they will send it to you absolutely free! So how can you get into this awesome giveaway? Well, here are all of the ways to earn entries:
  1. Comment on this post with at least one reason why you deserve a free Forestone reed - 1 entry
  2. Join my website (link to join is here), or if you are already a member, you still qualify - 1 entry
  3. Answer the trivia question: Forestone reeds are made from a mixture of polyurethane resin and wood cellulose fiber, up to 50 percent of which is comprised of what material? (need help? visit for the answer) - 2 entries
  4. Make a YouTube video at least a minute long talking about this contest and why you should win plus give a link to this post - 5 entries
  5. "Like" Forestone Reeds' Facebook page (link here) - 1 entry
  6. Refer members to join my site- 2 entries/person (limit 10 referrals, but of course you are free to invite more people)
Tally up the numbers, and that is up to 30 entries into this drawing! So, now that you have done all of that, how do you notify me of what you did? Just shoot me an email at with a short description of what you did (#1- copy your comment and user, #2- send me your username, #3- send me the answer, #4- send link to video, #5- just write that you did...This is going to be on the honor system, please don't abuse this to get an extra entry, #6- tell your referral to email me with the subject, "I was referred by..." and put your username for my website Note: You must me a member of my site to get extra entries this way)

I will assign a random number for every entry and put it into I will hit the random button 25 times (once for every dollar an alto Forestone reed is worth), record it, and post the video. The winner will have 1 day to respond to my winning email message, or they will forfeit their prize and a second drawing will be held. The deadline for entries is July 16th (but the drawing may be later because I have to process all the entries). Good luck to everybody that enters!

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