Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hodge Products Reed Case Review

First Impressions: Hodge Products sent me a black faux leather reed case that holds six alto sax reeds or seven clarinet reeds. The centered logo on the top of the case gives the case an elegant yet simple look. Opening the case, I saw a sloped acrylic table that holds your reeds. I also noticed messy glue work on the foam insert. Near the bottom left corner was a small yet noticeable glue splotch on the foam. There was also a chip near the top portion of the sliding lock.

This case has an acrylic sloped table for the to sit on to prevent warping. The top of the case has a foam insert to keep the reed from moving. I really liked the use of the sliding lock mechanism because it was easy and fast to open. A good thing about the case is the spring-like mechanism that keeps the reed case closed even if the lock isn't on and helps open the case faster (this is the same mechanism found in glasses cases). This spring-like design may be good in easily opening the case, but it also prohibits the case from opening all the way which can be a nuisance. I would have rather had a case with a hinge so that I could open it all the way.

Cost: $19.00

  • Easy to open
  • Will stay closed even if lock isn't locked
  • Won't crack if dropped because of acrylic table
  • can't open all the way
  • messy construction job
Rating: 3/5 stars
This is not the best reed case I have seen, but it is a bit worth it for your money. It will keep your reeds from warping and overall save you money by prolonging the life of your reeds. It may not be the best made case, but for $19, it accomplishes the purpose while still looking great. I would have liked it if the case could open fully, but other than that, the reed case is good.


Close-up of reed case

The sliding lock mechanism makes this case easy to open and close

Inside view of case

This particular case holds six reeds

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