Thursday, June 10, 2010

Website Spotlight: Jary Custom

Have you ever bought a mouthpiece and wanted it refaced, replated or just fully customized? Well, Mr. Jary at can do just what you need plus more. He offers refacings, adding a baffle, replacing or repairing a bite plate, and many other services. His prices are reasonable and he is a really nice person. Plus, if you want a fully customized mouthpiece, he can purchase the mouthpiece for you if you aren't sure which one you want. Speaking of full customization, what exactly is included in the price of a full customization? According to, a full customization includes: 
"Full customizing"  includes any combination the following custom
modifications ; Rounded inner side walls (unless the piece is
intended to have straight inner sidewalls), thinned side rails,
opened, rounded and smoothed chamber to throat transition,
custom facings and tip openings,  custom baffles, replating,
thinned shells, extra large chambers, lowered and narrrowed
beaks, thinned beak for added vibrance. Tooth pads and crack
banding count toward the $160.00 and $1
85.00 Flat Rate
discounts, but are not included
in a "Full Customizing".

Mr. Jary is a person you can count on, and the feedback page full of positive emails is proof. Below are some pictures of his works:

If you are interested in purchasing from, a full price list can be viewed here. If you need some work done on one of your existing mouthpieces or want to order something special, be sure to check out

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