Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Manhasset Symphony Music Stand Review

Hello everybody! Recently, Manhasset sent me a really cool red music stand. If you aren't familiar with Manhasset, they are one of the oldest music stand makers and very well known among the music community for the well made products. Their stands are found in schools and concert halls as well as homes of musicians who won't settle for anything less.

First Impressions: This stand can packed in a flat box. With only three components, the base, metal rod and the desk to hold the music, in the box plus instructions, I knew this would be an easy assembly. It took a total of five minutes to assemble this stand. All that was needed to be done was unscrew the nut at the bottom of the rod, and insert it into the base and tighten. Next, I pushed the desk onto the metal rod, and bingo! The stand was assembled! The fast build time does not make this a flimsy stand. In fact, this stand was anything from it. The all metal stand was very sturdy and could easily adjust from it's minimum height to it's max in a couple seconds. It could also take the weight of a percussion keyboard without collapsing.

Design: The sturdy metal base had three legs to provide a nice support. The entire stand was painted red except for the inner metal rod that pulled out to extend the height of the stand. The red paint wasn't too blindingly bright nor sickeningly dark. Manhasset offers these stands in Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Gray, and White if you don't want the traditional powder coated black.

Cost: $47.00

  • easy to assemble
  • worth every penny
  • very sturdy
  • can hold many sheets of music
  • isn't flimsy like folding music stands
  • just like what the pros use
  • not portable (but don't worry, Manhasset makes a stand called the  Voyager with the same desk but has a collapsible base to make it portable yet still strong)
Rating: 5/5 stars
Overall, this is an amazing stand and just what I needed. It holds all my music and won't fall down because it's a cheap, collapsible wire stand. It has a strong, heavy base and a nice and wide desk. It can easily adjust from a height suitable for playing sitting down to a height where I can stand up. If you want a great quality stand that will be worth every penny spent, look into buying a stand from Manhasset.

fully assembled stand

 close-up of stand's desk

 This stand can hold lots of music!


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  1. ADM Foldable Extra Light Large Music Stand from Bizarkdeal

    I just got this really nice music stand from Flanger. My daughter is in the high school advanced band and she is practicing music just about every night at home. Usually she tries to prop her music up on her dresser but it's usually a pain to get it to stay where she needs it to play properly. I was so excited to try out this great music stand. It's made of durable metal. Has adjustable pieces that allow you to make it shorter or taller, much like a tripod for a camera, you can open and lock them into place. You have a plastic stand to put your music on. Just slide it onto the mount on the stand. It has pieces that fold out to put your music. You can do a single sheet and it also accommodates my daughters large music folder so there is a lot of versatility in it. Tripod style at the bottom gives it a sturdy base. You can fold it all up though and it comes with a nice canvas travel bag with handles that make it easy to take it with you if you want to travel with it or take it to events or class. She has been using it for several days now and loves it, really has helped her to play better at home when she is practicing.